About Us

The Duck Foot™ is the ‘original’ slip-over paddle tine designed to clear the cutter bar and decrease header loss. Combine operators can slow their reel speed further preventing shelling and stripping. It creates a more even feed for better threshing which also improves yield and allows for increased ground speed. The Duck Foot™ series of paddle tines is proven to be beneficial in a wide variety of crops and is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to solve the problem of header loss. It quickly slips over the existing tine, attaching to the reel pipe and is further secured with a reusable clip.

Steve & Chrisa Kastning were Saskatchewan farmers. Farming innovation has always been a passion of Steve’s. He has always thought of new ways to increase efficiency and save time. Together, Steve and Chrisa used their creativity to streamline their farming operation and business.  They understand how effective and efficient farming practices can save both time and money.

For many years Steve sat behind the wheel of a combine considering better ways to help feed the crop and clear the cutter bar, beyond using belting or duct tape, among other ‘farmer-ized’ ideas. The Duck Foot™ started as an idea in 2015 and the first prototype was made in early 2016. In June 2018 Steve and Chrisa launched the Duck Foot™ at the Innovations Pavilion of Canada’s Farm Progress Show. There, Duck Foot™ was awarded a Sterling Innovation Award. It was an exciting start that ignited their interest in attending trade shows and meeting directly with customers to discuss how the Duck Foot™ can be a beneficial tool for harvest. Steve and Chrisa are connected to their product and to providing high touch customer service. Since the initial launch of the Duck Foot™, Duck Foot™ Parts Inc. has continued to work on advancing their product line. New for 2020 is a Duck Foot™ model to fit Hart Carter reels as well as the newly designed, reusable fastening clip that will be included with purchase of all Duck Foot™ models.

Innovations Award 2018 Winner

Presented to Steve Kastning