“I’ve been growing lentils for 3 years. Duck Foot answered all our issues we were having with feeding. You have a great product.”
Damon Postman
Nobleford, AB
“The Duck Foot made a big improvement feeding the combine more evenly in our barley.”
Terry Broderson
Craik, SK
“Love them Steve, got all 5 heads rigged out and ground speed increased for sure. We finished 13,000 acres of Soybeans. Honestly the whole crew agrees that we don’t care to harvest with MacDon headers without the Duck Feet. They’re staying on year round. Makes a night and day difference in wheat and beans. Duck Feet are a must going forward. Every other tine is the way to go. All 5 heads had them on the whole time and never lost one! Thanks Steve!”
Jeff Heinle
Hebron, North Dakota
“We added @duckfootparts this year and seemed to really help clear the knife and limit losses.”
Jeff Ewen
Riverhurst, SK
“We love them Duck Feet!! Never took them off all season and seen improvements on every crop. Over 4,000 acres on each set of Duck Feet and they worked great.”
Colin Damman
Stoughton, SK
“I am very impressed how well they feed the combine and keep the cutter bar clean on our JD930. We didn’t have them on our JD925 and the auger would get jammed because of the wad feeding. We do now! You have a great invention and wish you all the best.”
Doug Kendall,
Selkirk, MB
“Duck Feet working great in str8 cut canola.”
Sean Edwards
Nokomis, SK
“We used them in lentils, soybeans and wheat. The Duck Foot helped big time for cleaning the cutter bar and feeds the crop more evenly into the combine. They are a piece of cake to install. I would recommend them to others, especially in lentils and soybeans.” [38000 acres | 8 - MacDon FD75 - 40']
Kent Hamner
Hamner Seeds Ltd.
“Quack, quack working well.”
Ryan Dubois
Wudinna, South Australia
“I used the Duck Foot on every third tine. I gained more ground speed. They worked excellent in helping feed the crop and clean the cutter bar. Very easy and fast to install.” [2800 acres | 1 - MacDon FD75 - 40']
Craig Serfling
Serfling Farms Ltd.
"The duck feet are doing a great job keeping light lupins in the header. Great work Steve Kastning.”
Mic Fels
Esperance, Australia
“Duck Feet working well in light crop.”
Stephen Paddick
Wallaroo, Australia
“I used the Duck Foot in lentils, soybeans and wheat. We put them on every third finger but are going to put them on every second this year. We gained 1/2 to 3/4 mile per hour with them on. Cleans the cutter bar very well with way less crop loss. I would recommend them for sure. Anyone who owns a MacDon should have them.” [5000 acres | 1 - MacDon FD75 - 40']
Sean Edwards
Edwards Acres Ltd.
“Duck Feet worked a treat in lentils at Lockhart on MacDon FD 145 Flex. Thanks for the prompt service.”
Mark Bowyer
Lockhart, NSW
“Put duck feet on the FD140 this year, they worked good on lentils and chicks, compared to without.”
Weisgerber Farms
Southeast AB