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The Trusted Name in Header Precision and Harvest Efficiency

What is the Duck Foot™?
The Slip-Over Paddle Tine
Clears the Cutter Bar
to Decrease Header Loss
Easy to Install & Remove
Quickly Slips over the Existing Tines and Attaches to the Reel Pipe
Designed for Use in a Wide Variety of Crops such as Soybeans, Pulses, Cereals, Hay, Straight Cut Canola
Further secured
with unique clip system
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Harvest precision starts at the header. Regardless of the model, Duck Foot™ paddle tines feature the same design ingenuity for any brand of header reel. Properly secured tines using our patented clip system, keeps the cutter bar clear, providing uniform crop flow that helps to eliminate combine losses. For more information view our catalogue.

What is a Duck Foot?

Slips over
Secure with clip

Duck Foot™ Used in These Crops

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